Ancient World Society” is a cultural democratic, non-partisan and unrelated to any religious denomination non-governative organization. The purpose of the Association is to act as a meeting point, fulfilling the social function of the maturation stimulus and the human and civil growth through research and study of the most ancient human civilizations.

The staff of “Ancient World Society” is composed of a multicultural team of various religious faiths and belief. For this reason, we chose not to use the canonical form of dating “bc” and “ad” but “bce” and “ce“, which stands for “before Christian era” and “Christian era.”



Pasquale Barile

president | egyptologyst

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Ramona Melli

vice president | archaeologist

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Stefania Zampetti

secretary | anthropologist

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Maria Longhena

counselor | archaeologist

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Beatrice Baghwati Barberis

teamwork | filmmaker

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