Gods, Myths & Mortals

Greek treasures across the millennia

Gods, Myths & Mortals brings 8,000 years of Greek civilisation to Melbourne – with each time period celebrating the continuity and transformation which have shaped the Greek world. Carefully curated objects trace the development of tools and technologies to the expansion of trade; the role of myth as a means to understand the known world, to the shift toward monotheism; and the maintenance of identity during foreign rule and the emergence of the Greek state.

All treasures are from the renowned Benaki Museum, Athens as part of an ongoing collaboration between our two museums and will be on permanent exhibition at the Hellenic Museum until 2024.


The Gods, Myths & Mortals collection includes: Neolithic pottery; Cycladic statues; Minoan figurines; Mycenaean jewelry; Hellenistic sculptures; Byzantine icons and manuscripts; Post Byzantine secular art and costumes; and Neo-Hellenic art and weaponry, including ornate swords and pistols belonging to Greek revolutionary heroes Kolokotronis and Mavromichalis.

These objects showcase the developments of history when dynasties reigned, kings conquered, and cities fell. Through exploring the cultures and technologies of the past, visitors are provided the opportunity to discover the changing face of the Greek world while making unexpected connections between times and cultures.


In 2013, the Hellenic Museum announced its partnership with the world-renowned Benaki Museum in Athens, Greece intending to further establish dialogue between contemporary Melbourne and ancient cultures, in exploration of Australia’s diverse cultural identity and makeup.

The first long-term collection to call the Hellenic Museum home from the Benaki is Gods, Myths & Mortals.

This collection, like others that have followed including The Art of Adornment: Greek Jewellery of the 17th to 19th Centuries allows visitors to experience the histories that inform the makeup of society today.

source: hellenic.org.au


Pasquale Barile

Pasquale Barile, freelance egyptologist and writer, deals with ancient languages and genesis of civilization. Founder and President of the Ancient World Society and HistoryLab, conducts an intensive research, divulging and teaching activity in history. He is a member of the EES (Egypt Exploration Society) and SE (Société d'Égyptologie). He lives in Bologna, Italy.

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