New findings at Amphipolis Tomb

A Monogram discovered reveals the name of the honored person

The Archaeologists at Amphipolis have revealed 3 new inscriptions. In one of them, they discovered the Monogram of Hephaestion, the closest friend of Alexander the Great.

The head architect, Michalis Lefantzis, stated that the Amphipolis Tomb was commissioned by Alexander the Great, designed by Dinocrates and dedicate to General Hephaestion, who was Alexander’s closest friend and died in 324 B.C. at Ecbatana, Iran.

The lead archaeologist, Katerina Peristeri, claims that the whole tumulus was a funerary monument for Hephaestion and that it was built between 325 – 300 BC.


Pasquale Barile

Pasquale Barile, freelance egyptologist and writer, deals with ancient languages and genesis of civilization. Founder and President of the Ancient World Society and HistoryLab, conducts an intensive research, divulging and teaching activity in history. He is a member of the EES (Egypt Exploration Society) and SE (Société d'Égyptologie). He lives in Bologna, Italy.

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