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Peru: Inca citadel remains found in Cusco

A group of Peru's southern rainforest inhabitants claim to have found impressive archeological remains of Inca civilization in Cusco.

Joined by local authorities, villagers headed to La Convencion Provincial Municipality in order to report the find. According to locals, remains were found on September 9 while grazing animals near the Megantoni National Sanctuary.

Presented as evidence, the pictures show platforms, passages, walls and even a stone dwelling hidden among the foliage. In this regard, La Convencion Mayor Wilfredo Alagon asserted pertinent measures should be taken in order to protect the findings.

Alagon pointed out he will report the information obtained to State-run Decentralized Culture Directorate of Cusco (DDCC). It must be noted five days are required to reach the archaeological site.

Finally, DDCC’s Monument Management Body head Jorge Yabar Zamalloa told Andina news agency the institution sent an archaeologist to the area to prepare a technical report on the finding.


Pasquale Barile

Pasquale Barile, freelance egyptologist and writer, deals with ancient languages and genesis of civilization. Founder and President of the Ancient World Society and HistoryLab, conducts an intensive research, divulging and teaching activity in history. He is a member of the EES (Egypt Exploration Society) and SE (Société d'Égyptologie). He lives in Bologna, Italy.

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