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    19 Aprile 2019

    Expansive New Kingdom tomb unveiled in Egypt’s Luxor

    Archaeologists on Thursday unveiled an unusually large tomb on Luxor’s west bank dated to ancient Egypt’s 18th dynasty.  The 3,500-year-old,…
    12 Gennaio 2018

    Fragment of Black granite statue of King Amenhotep III discovered in Sohag parking lot

    The Ministry of Antiquities announced the discovery of an artifact in a parking lot in Akhmim, Sohag governorate, during a…
    12 Gennaio 2018

    Scan technique reveals secret writing in mummy cases

    These are the decorated boxes into which the wrapped body of the deceased was placed before it was put in…
    9 Gennaio 2018

    Remains of royal ancient Egyptian artefacts uncovered in Tel Al-Pharaeen

    An Egyptian excavation mission has discovered remains of mud-brick walls and several artefacts that can be dated to different periods…
    30 Dicembre 2017

    Strength of Egypt’s Canal of the Pharaohs re-emerges

    The Italian archaeological mission undertaken by the National Research Council (CNR) has brought to light imposing walls from a fortress…
    10 Novembre 2017

    First Hellenistic gymnasium in Egypt discovered at Watfa village in Fayoum

    A German-Egyptian archaeological mission has discovered the first Hellenistic gymnasium ever found in Egypt, located at Medinat Watfa, in the…
    10 Novembre 2017

    Tech Shows 2,000-Year-Old Mummy of a Little Girl in Amazing Detail

    Some 2,000 years ago, the body of a girl who was around 5 years old was mummified and laid to…
    24 Ottobre 2017

    Coptic tombstone unearthed at Sphinxes Avenue in Luxor

    Egyptian archaeologists in Luxor have stumbled upon a decorative Coptic tombstone buried on the eastern side of the Sphinxes Avenue,…


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